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You can count on our skilled and experienced staff to handle all aspects of engine repair and installation for you. We work on domestic and international cars and all makes and models.


Expect professional engine repair and installation services.

If you're unsure what's wrong with your car, let us help. You'll get a fast appointment time and affordable rates on all repairs.


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Our complete engine services include:

•  New water pumps

•  Thermostats

•  Radiator caps

•  Radiator hoses

•  Fan belts

•  Antifreeze

•  Coolants

•  Clean and rod-out radiator

•  Distributor cap

Get top-notch engine services from us

With reliable workmanship and a service guarantee, you don't have to worry when you hire our team.

•  Distributor rotor

•  Spark plug wires

•  Double-platinum spark plugs

•  OCV valve

•  Oil pressure switches

•  Coolant temp switch

•  Oil filters

•  Air filters

•  Custom solutions

Auto Engine Repair

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